What We Do


It gives us great pleasure to introduce companies we are excited about to the people in our network. Who have been supportive and helpful of us while we’ve built our companies.

If there’s a mutual fit, we’ll work tirelessly to help you raise capital (at most any stage), recruit talent, select service providers, gain access to key sales prospects, and network with most anyone.

General Advice

Co-founder drama? A board member who is driving you crazy? Negotiating a deal with that $10b business and they’re sucking the life out of you? Trouble setting up that sales comp plan? Trouble raising the A (you just learned what LTV/CAC means)? You have a new product idea every time you take a dump, but the product leader keeps saying “what do you want to do first” (all of it!) and “what data do you have to support that gut feeling and what is your goal”? Trying to figure out how to scale a local sales acquisition model using outbound demand gen that’s converted using inside sales while new heavily capitalized entrants are driving up your CAC?

Yeah. Been there.


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We primarily work with Seed to Series C companies.