They did 6 weeks of diligence and then issued a term sheet that’s 2 on 4 with a 15% stock option plan and participating preferred.
— Every Founder Starting a Terrible Financial Partnership
Being a good VC is like being king shit on turd island.
— Founder of a very large venture backed company. She knows who she is

Since people ask often, here are the investors we think the world of (and often invest with or share opps with).

They meet one or more of the following criteria:

(1) have funded us in the past (and added real value)

(2) we sit on boards with them (and they add real value)

(3) we are an LP in the fund

(4) they have invested in our portfolios (and added value)

(5) we generally think they do not suck

(6) they don’t fuck around and generally treat founders well (no low balling and time sucking and other general bad VC b.s.)

(investor friends: if you believe you should be on this list and are not, please let us know. It’s an accident I assure you #PositiveIntent)

(dear founder friends: very partner dependent. Happy to discuss specific experiences live for sure)