Who is this guy?

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My name is David Olk.  I’ve been fortunate to be a part of many successful technology businesses as a founder (ShopKeep and Voray), board member (Kickstarter, Vengo), investor, operator, or advisor.

I’m very passionate about helping entrepreneurs win.  It’s frigging hard to start a business and I greatly respect anyone who makes the attempt – so I’m going to do everything I possibly can to help them.

So this is a place where I’ll document my lessons learned in a frank and unadulterated manner. Not trying to be provocative or incendiary and if I offend anyone it’s unintentional (well, kinda).  Just trying to tell the truth and be helpful.  I have no agenda here – besides, the interwebs desperately needs another know it all like me rambling on about all of their lessons learned.

It’s also a place where I will:

  • highlight the companies I care about
  • provide curated (and I use that term very loosely) deal flow to investors I truly admire and also support (and for some reason trust me to provide them insight into great teams raising capital –  btw, click here if you are an investor who for some reason wants to be included).
  • identify highly curated people who’s skills I know well that indicated to me they are actively looking for new opportunities
  • identify companies I am pretty close to that are actively seeking new talent for very speciifc positions
  • help people connect that are in my network and should totally know each other
  • help entrepreneurs vet potential investors that are thinking about investing in their company (by either providing direct feedback or by providing them access to people who can)

If you’d like to connect with me directly, I’m best reached on davidolk@gmail.com.  I’m always open for feedback or making new friends so please don’t hesitate to reach out (and feel free to nudge if I don’t respond quickly – email can be tough!)

Thanks for your valuable time,



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